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    The Rules 1.0

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    The Rules 1.0

    Post  zoids25 on Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:33 am

    Site Rules
    -Respect all the members on the site
    -The decision of the staff members should be respected
    -Do not spam the board/chatbox
    -No cursing Members on the site

    1st Offense: Warned
    2nd offense: banned from logging in
    3rd offense: Ip banned

    -One must only have 1 max account
    -Read the terms of service before registering

    -STRICTLY! NO SPAMMING(spamming is anything that is not related to the topic)
    -No Double Posting instead modify your wrong post
    -No bumoing topics on page 2 or more,, you can bump topics on page that are sonking
    -Do not post in hard to read colors
    -No posting Adult Material
    -No Badwords

    1st offense: Warned
    2nd offense: muted for 2 or more days
    3rd offense: banned from logging in for 3 or more days
    4th offense: Ip Banned

    -No Adult material pictures on your profile
    -signature must be proper in size and in use

    1st offense: warned
    2nd offense: banned from logging in
    3rd offense: ip banned

    Private Message
    -No Sending spam mails on members on the site
    -Once we found out you sending advertisements through pm.. you'll be banned

    1st offense: banned from logging in for 2 or more days
    2nd offense: ip banned

    Note: if your ip is banned,, you cannot visit our site

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