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    Simple Web 2.0 Text


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    Simple Web 2.0 Text

    Post  Viral on Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:06 pm

    In this tutorial Ill just be showing you how to make a simple web 2.0 text effect credits go to Vectawr

    Lets go!

    Simply add the text you want.

    Now select the text.
    Make a new layer.
    On the new layer with the text selection still intact create a gradient with the color of the text
    and a darker shade of that color.
    Now you will see that the gradient isn't very smooth on some sides.
    Just do Gaussian Blur you do anything between 2-10 I used 5.

    Okay now duplicate he text layer and move it up so its in front of
    the gradient layer and just use Brightness and Contrast from the adjustments tab to make it pure white.

    Select the pure white text layer's text

    Now we are going to use the move Selection tool to make the selection a little bit smaller and more inside the text
    as you see me doing in the screen shot below.

    Once you've made the selection a little bit smaller you can press the delete button on your keyboard
    or go Edit > Cut. Now just Gaussian blur
    that pure white text layer it can be anywhere from 4-7 just see which one you like the most.

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